Final Denver Broncos 53-man roster prediction

• Young RB made his mark

• WR depth is questionable

• Which CBs make the cut?

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The Denver Broncos played their final game of the 2023 preseason in Southern California as they knocked off the Los Angeles Rams.

While some teams used this final game as a dress rehearsal, the Rams and Broncos went with backups. And the Denver reserves had their way in this one.

With this game behind us, the attention is now turned to the 53-man roster. Here, we predict exactly how this will look for Denver when they face the Raiders in Week 1.

Quarterback (2):

Russell Wilson
Jarrett Stidham

Denver goes just two deep at quarterback with Russell Wilson and Jarrett Stidham. It's tempting to stick with Ben DiNucci as well but he's likely going to be available to re-sign to the practice squad.

Stidham is a veteran that this coaching staff trusts and he was able to go for 236 yards and a touchdown against the Rams, which is encouraging following a rough preseason before that.

Running Back (4):

Javonte Williams
Samaje Perine
Jaleel McLaughlin
Michael Burton (FB)

Javonte Williams will be the workhorse this season, provided he can stay healthy. Veteran Samaje Perine gives them someone who can help share the load and while he's nearly 240 pounds, he's never been a workhorse.

Jaleel McLaughlin makes it as the third back after breaking out during camp and the preseason — capping things off with 48 yards and a touchdown on the ground on Saturday. Don't be surprised if he gets plenty of touches as a rookie.

Michael Burton is the fullback and came over from Kansas City this offseason. Like many others on the roster, he also has ties to Payton — playing 15 games for the Saints in 2020.