Exclusive Interview with 2024 NFL Draft prospect Jordan Magee

I had the opportunity to talk with Jordan Magee, an underrated linebacker prospect, who could be a solid fit for the Denver Broncos.

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Interview with NFL Draft prospect Jordan Magee

JA: What are your biggest strengths as a linebacker?

""My biggest strengths as a linebacker is my ability to run sideline to sideline, create negative plays, and versatility.""

Jordan Magee

JA: To which NFL LB does your game-style look like? Why?

""I believe my game style compares to Quincy Williams from the Jets, his ability to run sideline to sideline and hit fits me well.""

Jordan Magee

JA: How could you take advantage from the big performance you had at the NFL Combine, heading into the draft?

""I can take advantage by continuing to work hard, ace these meetings I have with linebacker coaches and GM's, then everything will fall into place.""

Jordan Magee

JA: What is your favorite defensive scheme to play in? Why?

""My favorite defense scheme to play in is a 3-4 simulated pressure because of the pressure we put on the QB.""

Jordan Magee

JA: What is your main focus when watching film?

""My main focus when watching film is first getting a feel for the opponent as a whole, then what they like, running in certain personnel's.""

Jordan Magee

JA: You had a Top 30 visit with the Broncos ... How could you describe the visit, and how can you fit in Vance Joseph's defense?

""The visit was great. I love the facility and the coaches, great atmosphere in Denver. Having a five-man front will make it easy to be unblocked as a linebacker and make plays. With Vance's defense, it allows you to play fast.""

Jordan Magee

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JA: Why should a team like the Broncos use one of their draft picks on Jordan Magee?

""I'm going to bring a Temple Tuff mindset to Denver, and I'll always give 100% effort. Going to also be a leader from the jump and input myself into the community.""

Jordan Magee