Examining Broncos' quarterback room before the 2024 Draft

Do the Broncos have the NFL's worst quarterback room entering this month's draft?

Denver Broncos v Las Vegas Raiders
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Backup: Ben DiNucci

Ben DiNucci, once of internet fame, is back with the Broncos for a second season after being on the team's practice squad for the 2023 season. DiNucci first broke into the league with the Cowboys a few years back in 2020 and got some playing time after Dak Prescott went down.

DiNucci hasn't gotten into a game since his three appearances in 2020, and his 2020 workload did not exactly yield success. DiNucci completed only 55 percent of his passes, posted a QBR of just 10.2, and his quarterback rating sat at 67.9. DiNucci enters 2024 as the Broncos' backup, and should something happen to Jarrett Stidham, the Broncos would be in some deep trouble.

Ultimately, this is a spot the Broncos can upgrade by adding a starter above Stidham, making him the backup again. The unfortunate truth for DiNucci is that his body of work in the NFL doesn't even equate to being a backup. He is more than fine as a third quarterback, but as a backup who is one injury away from being a Sunday starter, DiNucci will be one of the weaker backups in the NFL.