Ex-teammate makes stark comments on Broncos' QB Russell Wilson

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As most know, since the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks agreed on a trade in principle to send 9X Pro-Bowl QB Russell Wilson to the Mile High city, there have been numerous former teammates of the 34-year old that have publicly criticized and openly expressed their displeasures with both Wilson the player and the person. We have seen former Seahawks CB Richard Sherman repeatedly voice his concerns with Wilson's play on live national television among many other examples from former Seattle players on Twitter claiming he carries a "Hollywood" like aura around with him.

Most of these comments are completely out of pocket and uncalled for however, former Seahawks LB and teammate of Russell Wilson, KJ Wright, took a more professional approach to a few comments he made when appearing on the Good Morning Football show last week.

"When I look at this Russell Wilson situation, this could potentially go down as the biggest trade heist in NFL history. We're talking two first-round picks, two second-round picks, [and] a bunch of good football players. They paid this man a lot of money. For the next five years, [Broncos] are putting all of their eggs into you and all they have done is five wins and a fired head coach. This is looking very scary and very ugly. The Seahawks have hit on their draft picks and they are winning right now. For Russell, his legacy is on the line. [Seahawks GM] John Schneider and Coach Carroll are looking like geniuses right now."

KJ Wright via GMFB

While these comments are a bit bold to make, considering how early on it is in Wilson's tenure with the Broncos, there is technically a possibility we look at this trade as one the better finesses of all time. However, the constant pouring of negativity from former teammates feels completely irrational at this point and begs the question -- what did Russ do to deserve this?

The only former teammates of Wilson's from his Seattle days that have publicly defended him and expressed their belief that he is still a talented player are wide receivers DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. Both of whom completely avoided conversations of referring to the trade as a "heist" or indirectly blaming him for throwing the ball at the goal line of Super Bowl XLIX rather than running the ball.

Wright also mentions on the Good Morning Football show during this segment that Seattle was able to acquire the best WR in the 2023 NFL Draft from this trade (referring to Jaxon Smith-Njigba) and DL Shelby Harris from the Russell Wilson trade. Seattle's original pick to select Smith-Njigba was never included in the trade from Denver and Shelby Harris had a complete dropoff in production last season and is now an unsigned free agent.

To a degree, Wright is correct in the aspect that Seattle was able to successfully capitalize off draft capital received in the trade however, it is pretty evident that Wright went into this segment believing he knew the full trade details and the result a year later when he did not, thus making his statement that the trade can be the "biggest heist in NFL history" look as if he threw it out there and ran with it. He also mentioned Drew Lock as a "good football player" when he realistically probably hasn't watched much of his film at all, so take that how you will.

Obviously, it takes practice and time for these NFL players turned analysts to become better at their analysis and preparation and I understand that, but this is Wright's former teammate and leader who gave him a super bowl ring and went to war with on the football field. Wilson has taken countless shots from the media and his former teammates adding more fuel to the fire claiming his "legacy is on the line" if he is not able to figure things out this upcoming season as if this tarnishes everything he accomplished in Seattle.

It's an outright horrible look for Wilson's former teammates as human beings to continuously keep making comments of this magnitude. I can understand constructive criticism but this is not the first time we have seen Wright make statements like this. Just last year, Wright made an appearance on The Volume with fellow teammate Richard Sherman to claim that Wilson was receiving "special treatment" and was "not being held to the same accountability" as the rest of the team.

At this point, the entire situation feels orchestrated by former teammates and is definitely a personal and biased matter altogether. There is absolutely no good reason to go out of his way and make comments of magnitude to the media and is gaining him nothing else but attention and clout. And unfortunately, Wilson has never been the type of person to openly speak out against any controversial comments made against him, let alone defend himself, and that is the exact reason why former teammates continue to repeatedly make unnecessary remarks about another man who has never publicly spoken negatively about anyone.

At the end of the day, Wright has the freedom to voice his opinions on anything he chooses to speak on. And while the negativity seems very unfair to Wilson who has done nothing but great things for the city of Seattle and is only trying to improve himself as a QB, the reality is that people won't stop talking until there are productive results on the football field. Until then, Russell Wilson will have to silence his doubters and work in the shadows while nobody is watching -- something highly credited to new head coach Sean Payton for enforcing. All talk now, but when the 2023 season comes rolling around, KJ Wright and multiple other former Seahawks will be speechless. Book it.

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