Ex-Seahawks player makes ridiculous claim about 2013 Broncos offense

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks / Abbie Parr/GettyImages

Kudos to the Seattle Seahawks for providing some substantial Denver Broncos coverage lately. The latest came from an absolutely ridiculous statement made by ex-Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright, who was appearing on the hit NFL Network show Good Morning Football and reliving some of the glory days of the Legion of Boom.

Denver Broncos fans undoubtedly remember the Legion of Boom all too well, although I was playing "Flappy Bird" on my phone for most of the second half of Super Bowl 48, so the memories are understandably a bit hazy. Yes, the Seahawks handed their old AFC West rivals a classic, all-timer of a beatdown in Super Bowl 48. The 43-8 score will forever be singed in Denver Broncos fans' memories.

Fortunately, that bitter taste was washed away two seasons later as the Broncos won Super Bowl 50. But you can't take Super Bowl 48 away from the Seahawks. It's the lone Super Bowl win in franchise history and it was a phenomenal performance from their defense, one of the best defenses to ever do it. Why was it such a phenomenal performance from the defense? Well, one of the primary reasons is the fact that the 2013 Denver Broncos offense was the best in NFL history.

This is not subjective, this is not hyperbole. No other NFL team has scored more points in a single season than the 2013 Denver Broncos. None. Zero. Zilch. They stand alone. They are at the top of the mountain. They are first place for all time. Peyton Manning's astonishing 55 touchdown passes still stand as an NFL record despite the league moving to 17 regular season games in recent years.

With all of that in mind, let's circle this back to the point of the article, which is that KJ Wright made a ridiculous comment on live television. As he was reliving the glory days with Peter Schrager, he made a note that the Seahawks were watching film of the Broncos' offense, and he said that he didn't see a good offense as much as he saw "bad defense".

""I was watching them on film, but I saw bad defense more than I saw really good offense. So we stepped on that football field, they ran the same plays they did the previous games. The same run plays, same pass plays. And we was just smackin' them dudes left and right.""

Former Seahawks LB KJ Wright

Once again, kudos to the Seattle Seahawks for winning Super Bowl 48. It was a beatdown. It was embarrassing. It was a blowout.

But this statement from KJ Wright is ridiculous. It's blasphemy. The Denver Broncos made other teams look bad on defense the entire year. They weren't just beating cupcakes every single week. That offense, in the Super Bowl, was also missing starting left tackle Ryan Clady. Not that he would have made the ultimate difference in a 43-8 game, but he might have helped a little bit.

The Denver Broncos simply crumbled in that Super Bowl. There's no question about it. But for KJ Wright to diminish what the 2013 Broncos offense accomplished is asinine. It's outrageous. If anything, it diminishes what the Seahawks were able to do in that Super Bowl against an all-time great offense.

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