Evaluating the most realistic QB options for Denver in the NFL Draft

The Draft is getting closer, and as free agency goes by, it is more obvious that the Denver Broncos will select their next franchise quarterback.

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Spencer Rattler, South Carolina:

Rattler is also a very experienced quarterback with a third or fourth-round draft projection. He could be a very good option if the Broncos would like to address other positions with their first pick/s in the upcoming draft.

Spencer Rattler did not have the best NFL Combine but crushed his Pro Day at South Carolina. He has a lot of athleticism and arm strength. At this point, and with his projections, Rattler could be a big steal for the team that ends up getting him, and the Denver Broncos could be it.

He could be a top-tier quarterback if he is well-developed, and Sean Payton could be a good coach to be with to improve, develop, and eventually be a starting quarterback in today's league.