Evaluating 3 backup quarterback options for the Broncos in 2024

The Denver Broncos could get a bit freaky with their backup QB situation in 2024.

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The Denver Broncos could take a QB in the 2024 NFL Draft and slide him into QB2 role

Depending on how the 2024 NFL Draft board falls, the Denver Broncos might have a shot to take a chance on a rookie QB with some upside. I don't think the team uses their first-round pick on the position, and they don't have a second-round pick. You're likely looking at a scenario where the Denver Broncos scoop up a mid-round QB who isn't part of the top tier of passers coming out of college.

Their third-round pick is currently the 75th overall selection. Funnily enough, in a mock draft I did on PFN, Colorado QB Shedeur Sanders was available at 75th overall. Spencer Rattler could also be a choice here. I think if Sean Payton truly falls in love with a mid-round QB prospect, he'll waste no time in getting him on the roster, and that might be enough to push Jarrett Stidham out of town.

The Broncos could trade for... Zach Wilson??

There was a recent report that the New York Jets plan on trading Zach Wilson at the end of the season:

"That is the report this week out of the the Deseret News - the BYU product Wilson's home-state newspaper - which also states that the former and failed top draft pick has with coach Robert Saleh "agreed to a mutual parting following the benching - again - of Wilson and before the team decided to return him to the starting position Sunday.""

Mike Fisher

And I think a divorce between Wilson and the Jets is likely. He's been atrocious since being selected second overall back in 2021, but there's a reason why he was taken so high. He's got insane arm talent and has a great ability to throw on the run. He does profile similarly to Aaron Rodgers, but it's clear that Wilson hasn't put it together. Well, Zach Wilson serving as the QB2 of the Denver Broncos and soaking up everything he can from Sean Payton and Russell Wilson could provide a glimmer of hope that the younger Wilson makes it as a starter in the NFL.


I have no idea what Sean Payton thought or currently thinks about Zach Wilson, but the young QB is going to be traded, and there will be some team to throw a draft pick New York's way for his services. Why can't it be the Denver Broncos?

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