Evaluating 3 backup quarterback options for the Broncos in 2024

The Denver Broncos could get a bit freaky with their backup QB situation in 2024.

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If I was a betting man, I'd bet that Russell Wilson would return as the Denver Broncos starting quarterback in 2024. However, I think his backup QB is a massive unknown. Currently, Jarrett Stidham is the backup QB. Luckily, Stidham hasn't had to make any starts, and I think it should stay that way. Head coach Sean Payton spoke highly of Stidham.

Here's what he had to say about him this past offseason:

"“There were a handful of No. 2s that I had worked with or we felt comfortable with, but in this case I think it’s a No. 2 that his arrow is moving in a direction where we think he can become an NFL starter,” Payton said. “So the evaluation was pretty crystal clear for all of us. I think he’s going to be someone who’s great in the room. He’s smart. So quietly that was an important signing for us.”"

Sean Payton

It's clear how much Payton is encouraged by Stidham, but contractually, the Broncos can easily move on from Stidham in 2024 and perhaps go a different route for their backup QB situation. Anyway, I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that he's the QB2 next year. Depending on how Payton feels about Russell Wilson, I think we could see a younger QB with a higher upside in this position.

Let's look at three backup QB options for the Denver Broncos in 2024.

QB Jarrett Stidham could hold the same role in 2024...

I could be overthinking the QB2 spot in Denver. If I am, Jarrett Stidham's spot as the backup to Russell Wilson will not be changed in 2024. Stidham signed a two-year, $10 million deal with the Denver Broncos. That's high-end backup money. Sure, Denver can move on from this contract next offseason for next to nothing, but I do think something has to be said for how quickly Denver jumped on signing him and how much they paid him.

Perhaps Sean Payton is genuinely thinking that he can turn Stidham into a starting QB when Russell Wilson is not on the team. Stidham is 27 years old and was a mid-round pick back in 2019.