Egregious error on Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl ring is flat-out hysterical

They still won the Super Bowl, but this is embarrassing.
Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVII Ring Ceremony - Red Carpet
Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVII Ring Ceremony - Red Carpet / Handout/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs have now won three Super Bowls in the last five seasons, but their latest features a hilarious error. You have to truly wonder how this obvious error did not get caught during the design process for the Super Bowl ring. I would assume that the entire process to make the rings for the Super Bowl winners is incredibly tedious.

Well, here is what the ring looks like:

Yeah, it's a nice ring, and it's got over 500 diamonds, which is bonkers. However, upon further inspection, there is an actual error in the ring itself:

How did no one catch this? I mean, this is hilarious and actually quite pathetic. Someone, you'd think, is primarily responsible for not catching this error, it should make us laugh at least. The Chiefs captured their fourth Super Bowl in franchise history, which is now one more than the Denver Broncos, but the Broncos' three Super Bowl rings do not feature errors.

Their last Super Bowl coming in 2015 was perhaps the best ring design in the history of the Super Bowl.

The iconic "50" in the middle of the ring will never be forgotten, and it's miles better than the lazily-designed ring that the Chiefs now have. So now, we have to ask; how does this error go about being corrected? Do the Chiefs players and staff have to send the rings back? Do they just live with the error?

Do they get new rings? I'm sure at some point, this error could be corrected, but it's a fitting one given that it's the Chiefs, a franchise that still somehow manages to be a bit dysfunctional all the time, whether it's their poorly-voted ownership or their varying off-field issues.

Can the Denver Broncos again show how it's done with Super Bowl rings and win their fourth in 2024?