Early Denver Broncos 53-man roster predictions after 2024 NFL Draft

What will the Denver Broncos roster look like this coming season?
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Safety - 4

Brandon Jones
Caden Sterns
PJ Locke
JL Skinner

It's still weird to not see Justin Simmons on this list. The longtime Denver Broncos star is still a free agent at the time of this post being written, and hopefully he would be willing to come back if the circumstances allow for it.

If not, the Broncos have a young group here. Brandon Jones was one of their top priorities in free agency, and the combination of Jones, Sterns, and Locke was teammates at Texas. The Broncos need this group to stay healthy. They have playmaking ability, but do they have longevity?

This feels like a bit of a boom or bust group in 2024.

Special teams - 3

Wil Lutz
Riley Dixon
Mitchell Fraboni

There aren't going to be any theatrics here, in all likelihood. Unless we see a young punter come up big during the offseason program, we're not likely to see a major change. But if Riley Dixon can't prove to be substantially better than a rookie coming in, the Broncos might take the cap savings.

It's early there, but that may be something to watch for.