Drew Lock taking the high road as Giants fans call for him to take starting job

Former Broncos QB Drew Lock is taking a humble approach in 2024
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Luke Hales/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos have a quarterback battle of their own going on in 2024, so nobody in Broncos Country is going to be losing any sleep over what's going on with the New York Giants and their quarterback position. With that being said, it's always interesting to see what's going on with recent former starters at the quarterback position, and sadly, the Broncos have plenty of those over the last eight years.

One of the most notable recent starters for the Broncos is former second-round pick Drew Lock, who started a handful of games in 2019 before getting handed the gig in 2020. The Broncos replaced Lock with Teddy Bridgewater in 2021 before trading him to the Seattle Seahawks in the infamous Russell Wilson deal in 2022.

Now, Lock is with the New York Giants, where he is not exactly "competing" with Daniel Jones in the 2024 offseason. After a couple of nice performances last year in Seattle, it seems that Lock has a bit of a cult following among Giants fans these days, and one reporter brought that to his attention recently at Giants OTAs.

It almost feels like Lock had rehearsed this line before he got to the podium. He sounds like he was borderline trained to not say anything that would give any indication that there's a legitimate quarterback competition happening in New York this offseason.

The Giants gave Daniel Jones a ridiculous four-year, $160 million contract last year and have seemingly doubled down on him as their QB1 for the foreseeable future. But Jones has not played well enough to fend off just about any level of competition, certainly not his 2019 NFL Draft classmate Drew Lock.

Believe it or not, Lock has been less turnover prone in his NFL career than Daniel Jones. Jones's best season for the Giants came in 2022 when he threw a whopping 15 touchdown passes. The reason that was his best season was thanks to the fact that he wasn't turning the ball over at a ridiculous rate.

Perhaps there's a decent chance we could see former Broncos starter Drew Lock starting again on a full-time basis sooner rather than later. It won't likely be at the beginning of the 2024 season for New York, but if Lock pieces together a strong offseason, the Giants likely won't hesitate to pull Jones from the lineup and see what Lock can do.