Do the Denver Broncos have any trap games on their 2023 schedule?

Washington Football Team v Denver Broncos
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Do the Denver Broncos have any trap games on their 2023 schedule?
Week 13: Houston Texans

I actually don't think Denver is going to face another potential trap game until week 13 when they face off on the DeMeco Ryans and CJ Stroud-led Houston Texans. I am picking the Texans as one of my surprise teams this year, along with the Broncos.

Their roster is quietly quite impressive. I'm a huge fan of what they're doing on defense, especially in in the secondary, and the defensive expertise of DeMeco Ryans is going to have an immediate impact on that unit, which was the worst in football last year.

Ryans is a Kyle Shanahan disciple, and they've had quite a bit of success in the NFL as head coaches, most seeing immediate success. I think the Texans can finish with seven or eight wins in 2023. They aren't going to score a ton of points, but I think they'll play tough defense and will give teams their fullest effort every week.

The Broncos need to be careful here. It's an away game and I think Houston is on the upward track to being a legitimate team. This is also a game late in the season where Denver is hopefully battling for a playoff spot.

They don't want to overcompensate here. It should be a winnable game, but methinks that a trap game could be on the horizon in week 13 if the Broncos are not careful.

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