3 difficult decisions remaining for the Broncos in the 2023 offseason

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Tough decisions that Denver still has to make this offseason
2. Decision coming on Jerry Jeudy's fifth year option

To keep the spotlight on Jeudy, a decision is needed in the next three-ish weeks regarding his fifth year option, which is going to be worth about $13 million. This might be a no-brainer to pick up, but given that Jeudy hasn't necessarily showed much consistency over his career, could this decision be tougher than we think?

The pros and cons are there. On one hand, if the Broncos do pick his option up, and he continues his stellar end to the 2022 season into 2023, Denver could be getting Jeudy for a steal and would then have him for the next two years under contract.

The con here is that if the Broncos decline his option and he does play well in 2023, he'll then become a free agent next offseason, will likely be way more expensive than $13 million, and might have a bad taste in his mouth with Denver and might not want to return. I do think they pick his option up, but I don't think it's a short discussion.