3 Broncos who will be blamed for devastating loss, but fans should pump the brakes

The Broncos suffered a tough loss, but we can't jump off the wagon right now.

Dec 3, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson (3) runs with the ball
Dec 3, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson (3) runs with the ball / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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In a battle with key playoff implications at stake, the Denver Broncos fell short against the Houston Texans on Sunday, losing 22-17. The loss snaps the Broncos' 5-game winning streak and puts them at 6-6. If you believe this stat, making the playoffs could prove quite difficult.

Broncos Country is going to be frustrated by this defeat, to be sure. And if you have already been scouring social media, you have no doubt seen some of that frustration directed at a few players on the roster, blaming them for the defeat.

Sometimes, you just have to tip your hat to the other team. The Texans played a great game and they walked away with the victory, but it could have easily gone the other way and if it did, these things about these Broncos wouldn't be said.

This is still a team that is in contention. One game is not going to decide its fate one way or the other. The Broncos need to regroup and prepare for a Los Angeles Chargers team that will also be hungry for a win.

The Broncos were 1-5 at one point this year. THAT was the time to be disgusted with the product on the field. This is not.

All three of these Broncos are going to be needed if the team is going to be successful the rest of this season.

Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos v Houston Texans / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Russell Wilson

We'll start right at the top. Because football has just about always been a sport where the quarterback gets all the glory when his team wins and takes all the blame when his team loses, Russell Wilson is going to take some blame for this defeat.

Commenters on social media are talking about how he's washed up and how he is not the answer for this team. Yes, he threw three interceptions, but the first of those was a ball that was tipped (by Will Anderson, who was the biggest reason the Texans won this game).

The second interception was just a tremendous play made by Derek Stingley, who also had the first interception. His second was one of the best interceptions you will see this season.

On the third interception and the game-deciding play, Russ had the ball picked off in the end zone. But watching the play again, let's give the quarterback credit for even getting the pass away as he was under instant pressure. With no timeouts, if he takes a sack there, the game ends. At least he was able to give his team a chance.

Russ only completed 15 passes in this game and he threw for 186 yards. Statistically, it wasn't a good game. But he made plays with his feet, converting key third and fourth-down plays in the game. At one point, the Broncos were down in this game 22-10 in the fourth quarter and it looked like it was over.

The Broncos don't get back into this game with any chance for victory without the play of their quarterback.