4 Broncos who deserve to lose their job after 70-20 blowout loss

What we witnessed in from the Broncos in Week 3 was an atrocity

Denver Broncos, Sean Payton
Denver Broncos, Sean Payton / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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4. Sean Payton, Head Coach

What did Sean Payton expect to walk into when he took this job? Of course he would be trying to get Russell Wilson to focus more on football and less on his public image. Just look at how the quarterback handles himself off the field, seemingly wanting his "good guy" image to mean more than his play on the field.

Payton is clearly in over his head, and the Broncos have far more questions than answers at this point. If Payton was fired, the Broncos would be doing him a favor, quite frankly. The team looks far too lost just three weeks in. There are many examples, but let's focus on the run game, on both sides.

After three weeks, the Broncos are 21st in rushing with just over 95 yards per game. This was not the offense we were promised. Regardless of who is back there carrying the football, Payton's offense has always been able to highlight the run game as a way to open things up through the air. He's also been able to utilize multiple backs in high efficiency.

Miami is the ninth-worst run defense in football after three weeks, and that's even after the Broncos ran for a total of 69 yards as a team on Sunday.

The Broncos are broken, and it's clear that Payton is not fixing them.