4 Broncos who deserve to lose their job after 70-20 blowout loss

What we witnessed in from the Broncos in Week 3 was an atrocity

Denver Broncos, Sean Payton
Denver Broncos, Sean Payton / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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2. Vance Joseph, Defensive Coordinator

It is low-hanging fruit to pick on the defensive coordinator after the Broncos gave up a record-70 points, but it is also highly justifiable. The Broncos' defense was actually supposed to be a strength of this team, but they are not getting it done, and a performance like this is flat-out embarrassing.

After the first two weeks, Joseph admitted that he and his defense needed to do better but also thought he saw some good things.

"Obviously in our second week, there's going to be some ups and downs from a schematic perspective, but I thought there was some good stuff in both games," Joseph told the Broncos website.

"Ups and downs" defined the first two weeks for Joseph, but what would he call the performance he saw in Week 3? As Payton said, there really are no words for what we saw out on that field. This is an inexcusable performance by the defense, and Joseph is the man responsible. It's time to cut ties.