Denver Broncos who could join rival teams in 2024 NFL season

Could any players from the 2023 season join rivals in 2024?

New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
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The Denver Broncos roster is going to look a bit different for the 2024 NFL Season. Could some of their players from 2023 join rival teams next season? Well, yes, it could definitely happen. Fortunately, Denver does not have many high-end free agents, so it wouldn't be a total loss if one or more of them ended up on a rival team in 2024.

And then we must consider players who are currently under contract for 2024 that could get cut. Names like Russell Wilson and DJ Jones are two players who are probably going to be cut. Could they join a rival team? Possibly. I do trust Sean Payton and his staff to make smart free agent decisions. The team's free agent haul in 2023 seems to be decent thus far.

Can they build on their progress in 2023 and begin to build a contender in 2024? Could some Denver Broncos players from 2023 join a rival team in 2024?

Denver Broncos who could join rival teams in 2024 NFL season
Lloyd Cushenberry could join the Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers signed stud center Corey Linsley a few years ago to be their center. He played previously for the Green Bay Packers. Well, Linsley is likely retiring this offseason due to a discovered heart issue. It's a serious thing that isn't going to put the center back on the field in 2024. Well, the Chargers would then have a pretty noticeable hole in the interior of their offensive line.

And even though LA currently has negative cap space, they can create a good bit and spend in free agency if they wanted to. Signing Lloyd Cushenberry, the Broncos breakout center, would send him to snap balls to Justin Herbert. Cushenberry was largely a liability during his first three seasons, but did take off quite a bit in 2023. I've said that if his name was Jason Kelce, he'd have made the Pro Bowl.