Denver Broncos: Which player deserves to be on the cover of Madden 24?

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

The cover athlete for the new Madden 24 game is being revealed on Wednesday. Do any of the current Bronco players deserve to be on the cover? This is mostly a half-serious question, but still a question nonetheless.

I know that there's about a 1% chance that any current Denver Bronco will make the Madden 24 roster. According to Mike Florio, there has been "chatter" that the cover athlete will either be Justin Jefferson or Josh Allen, both players very deserving of such an honor.

It was Patrick Mahomes last year, and many have latched onto the idea of the "Madden curse" where an athlete who makes the cover of the game ends up performing poorly in the following season. Well, if the Broncos turned into a contending team or something else crazy happened, which players would be deserving of the cover of Madden?

Well, the most obvious answer is the best player on the team, and that's Patrick Surtain II. He's the best cornerback in football, has football in his DNA, and played at a premier college program at Alabama. He's one of the best under-25 players in the NFL and is likely going to become the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL next offseason.

Russell Wilson would be a fun cover athlete, especially if he had a bounceback season in 2023. It would be cool to see the Denver Broncos get that kind of recognition. Wilson may have to put up a strong MVP season and help lead the Broncos to a deep playoff run in order to get consideration for that.

How about an oddball on the cover? Quinn Meinerz and his beautiful gut would be a glorious thing to see on the cover of Madden. I'm not sure an offensive lineman has even graced the cover of Madden before, but Meinerz would be a great first choice.

He quietly established himself as one of the best guards in football in 2022 and will probably take another leap in 2023. Honestly, outside of those three players, I'm not sure any other Bronco would have much of a case to be on Madden.

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