Denver Broncos uniform schedule reveals rarity for Week 2

Broncos have four uniforms, plus the new 'Snowcapped' helmet is to be worn twice. Which uniforms will be used in each game?

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Weeks 13-18:

Week 13 at Texans:

A conference road game, the first one after two consecutive home games. Denver will be wearing their white uniforms to face the number two and number three overall picks of the 2023 NFL Draft ... CJ Stroud and Will Anderson Jr. Can the Broncos extend their winning streak against Houston?

Week 14 at Chargers:

Second-consecutive road game for the Broncos, second consecutive road game with white uniforms. It will be their first matchup against the Bolts, and their first divisional game since week 8 against Kansas City. The Broncos have not won against the Chargers on the road since 2019 ...

Week 15 at Lions:

Third consecutive game on the road, and once again the Broncos will wear their white uniforms. Denver has a three-game winning streak against Detroit, but now the Lions are a way better team compared to the last game between each other. It will definitely be a fun one, as Sean Payton will face his former assistant coach Dan Campbell.

Week 16 vs Patriots:

The Broncos are back at home following a three-week road game span. Denver is wearing their 'Throwback' uniforms and 'Snowcapped' Helmets, on Christmas Eve. An interesting matchup against the longtime AFC rival New England Patriots, as they will both face each other for the first time since 2020.

Week 17 vs Chargers:

The Broncos' last home game of the regular season, their last divisional game at home, against Justin Herbert and the Chargers. Denver will wear their orange uniforms, as they will look to continue their winning streak at home against LA and extend it to five games.

Week 18 at Raiders:

To finish the regular season, the Broncos will wear their white uniforms, on the road against the Las Vegas Raiders. Back-to-back divisional matchups. The Broncos have never won in Las Vegas, and their last win on the road against the Raiders was in 2015, where Peyton Manning was still the Broncos' QB ... can Denver close out the season with a dub, and end their losing streak on the road against the Raiders?


So as a recap ...

Orange uniforms, weeks: 1,3, 7,8, 12 and 17
White uniforms, weeks: 2,4,6, 10, 13, 14, 15, and 18
Navy uniforms, week: 11
Throwback uniforms, weeks: 5 and 16

Which Broncos' game you want to watch the most in the upcoming 2023-24 NFL season?

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