Denver Broncos uniform schedule reveals rarity for Week 2

Broncos have four uniforms, plus the new 'Snowcapped' helmet is to be worn twice. Which uniforms will be used in each game?

Denver Broncos
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Weeks 7-12:

Week 7 vs Packers:

The Broncos return home after their Thursday Night Football game @ KC. A long week to prepare for this one against Green Bay. It will be the first time since 2015 that the Broncos play at home against the Packers ...The last time, Aaron Rodgers got destroyed by Denver's defense. For this one, the Broncos will use their orange uniforms.

Week 8 vs Chiefs:

The second game against the Kansas City Chiefs in a span of three weeks. This time in Denver. The Broncos are wearing for back-to-back games their orange uniforms. It will be the second home divisional game for the Broncos, the first one since week 1 (vs LV). Can the Broncos have a home win against the Chiefs for the first time since 2014?

Week 9 - BYE WEEK

Week 10 at Bills:

The Broncos' third game against an AFC East team, the first game on the road after back-to-back home games against the Packers and the Chiefs. Their first and only Monday Night Football game of the season. Russell Wilson vs Josh Allen, Pat Surtain vs Stefon Diggs. It will be a huge one. Denver has not defeated the Bills since 2014, and it was a home game for the Broncos. For this game, the Broncos will wear their white uniforms. The last time, the Broncos won @ Buffalo was in 2007 ...

Week 11 vs Vikings:

Back-to-Back primetime games for the Denver Broncos, this time, their first home primetime game of the season. Justin Jefferson vs Patrick Surtain is one of the most exciting WR-CB matchups that the 2023-2024 season will have. The Broncos will wear their Navy uniforms for this game, the only time they will use them in the season (at the moment).

Week 12 vs Browns:

Back-to-back home games for the Broncos, as they host the Cleveland Browns. Another good matchup that could make the difference in the Playoff push for both teams. Russell Wilson vs Deshaun Watson ... a battle between the two big QB names from the 2022 offseason. Denver will wear their orange uniforms for this one.