Denver Broncos training camp: Quarterback battle, sleeper

- Russell Wilson reloading

- Jarrett Stidham ascending

- Sleeper with upside?

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Overall outlook for Denver Broncos QBs in 2023

There are plenty of questions surrounding this position group for the Denver Broncos in 2023.

Can Russell Wilson rebound? Is he "cooked"? Can Sean Payton make that big of a difference? Will Jarrett Stidham be good enough if Russell Wilson isn't? Will the Denver Broncos finally get out of QB purgatory?

I have maintained over the course of the last nine months that there's simply no way Russell Wilson just became "this bad" overnight. Wilson had been a top 10 QB for the majority of his time with the Seahawks. Even if you consider Russ a beneficiary of a great defense and Pete Carroll, he still played at a higher level than anything the Broncos have seen the last 7 years.

But what happened to that guy? Were injuries really the primary issue last year? Was Hackett really the primary issue last year? Did Russ just have the yips?

If it weren't for his contract situation, I think the question of whether or not Russell Wilson would still be the Broncos' QB right now is an interesting one. At any rate, the Broncos are stuck in this situation for the time being, and sticking it out with Russ might end up being really good for the future of the team.

I am buying what Sean Payton is selling regarding Jarrett Stidham as a future starter as well. Stidham has shown some nice flashes in his NFL career, more than just what we saw last year with the Raiders. He impressed in the chances he got with the Patriots as well. I think he raises the floor of the room overall for Denver.

Ben DiNucci and Jarrett Guarantano present decent enough upside for the QB3 position and if you're asking me right now whether I think the Broncos keep a QB3, I think the answer is yes. The real question is -- who?


DiNucci has got to be the favorite at the moment, but you've also got to include the field and guys outside of the Broncos' roster right now that could be considered. If I had to guess who the Broncos' QB3 was going to be, I'd put it at about 40 percent DiNucci, 40 percent "the field", and 20 percent Guarantano.

This position group will be under a ton of scrutiny until someone is able to get it right.

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