Denver Broncos training camp: Quarterback battle, sleeper

- Russell Wilson reloading

- Jarrett Stidham ascending

- Sleeper with upside?

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Denver Broncos sleeper quarterback: Jarrett Guarantano

We know it's going to be Russell Wilson at the top and Jarrett Stidham right below him on the depth chart. So do the Denver Broncos have any true "sleeper" at the quarterback position in 2023?

Depending on how closely you follow the team, I think the clear pick for the guy being slept on in this position group is Jarrett Guarantano.

The offseason story of Ben DiNucci trying out for the team and making it reached a lot of Broncos fans, so people might even be rooting for him to make it at this point. And understandably so. He's an interesting young player with upside who has shown some playmaking abilities.

But nobody is really talking about Jarrett Guarantano right now. A former four-star recruit for the Tennessee Volunteers football program, Guarantano entered the college ranks with high expectations and loads of talent. Despite that, the last even solid season Guarantano had at the collegiate level statistically was all the way back in 2019. He only played seven games in 2020 and transferred to Washington State in 2022 where he only played in two games and threw three interceptions.

It's almost miraculous that Guarantano even got a shot in the NFL in the first place, but the physical tools have always been there. If you ask Tennessee fans, they probably can't believe Guarantano is still on an NFL roster.

it's going to be fascinating to see how the offseason transpires for him since the Broncos' pro scouting department obviously identified traits they liked in last year's preseason.