Denver Broncos training camp battles at every position group

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Offensive line: Are there enough linemen to even keep 8 guys?

History would tell us that Sean Payton is likely to keep eight offensive linemen on his roster. The question going into Denver Broncos training camp is: Are there eight linemen worth keeping?

The Broncos have a starting five on the offensive line that has been getting a lot of positive publicity from folks who don't even cover the team. People in the NFL world seem to think the return of Garett Bolles along with the additions of Ben Powers and Mike McGlinchey give the Broncos one of the top-10 offensive lines in the league.

That's not an unreasonable thought, even if they are putting faith in Lloyd Cushenberry III at center again this year.

But who will the Broncos keep as reserves? There are a bunch of unknowns out there even though the Broncos have some intriguing former late-round draft picks. The depth situation starts with Cam Fleming, a veteran who was re-signed this offseason to be the team's swing tackle and can also provide guard depth.

The Broncos have players on their roster right now like:

- Luke Wattenberg (G/C/T, former 5th-round pick)
- Will Sherman (T/G, former 6th-round pick)
- Isaiah Prince (T, former 6th-round pick)
- Alex Forsyth (C/G, former 7th-round pick)

There are also a number of priority undrafted free agents the Broncos signed that could end up making up the depth on this unit. Alex Palczewski was an All-American at Illinois. Henry Byrd is a tremendous athlete and versatile player from Princeton. Players like Quinn Bailey and Christian DiLauro have proven resilient in their NFL journeys up to this point.

Kyle Fuller also has some experience and will get work at both center and guard.

At this point, the major question mark is whether or not eight of these guys are NFL-caliber players. They have some guys with NFL Draft status. They have some guys with experience. They have some guys with upside. Time will tell us which of these players are worth keeping around.