Denver Broncos training camp battles at every position group

- Competition at WR

- Will the Denver Broncos keep a QB3?

- Battle for pass rush rotation spots

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Tight end: Do the Broncos keep four guys here?

As of right now, I struggle to think the Broncos will keep four tight ends, but anything is possible. Given the fact that the team signed Michael Burton to play fullback and special teams in free agency, I think there's a decent chance we see the team keep just three tight ends.

But nothing is certain.

Keeping just three tight ends would likely mean one odd man out between Albert Okwuegbunam and Adam Trautman. Considering the Broncos traded for Trautman during the NFL Draft and the fact that he has history with Sean Payton, it's hard to imagine that he would be cut, but you never know.

Unfortunately, an entire year of Okwuegbunam's career was wasted in 2022 when Nathaniel Hackett and his coaching staff decided to put the former fourth-round pick in the proverbial doghouse with no actual reason for it. There's talent there for Albert O., and he was getting some good run at OTAs. Maybe the Broncos will ultimately keep four tight ends and a fullback on the roster.

What sacrifices would need to be made elsewhere? Five receivers? Fewer offensive linemen? The numbers game when building a roster is complicated, and an inexact science without seeing what's going to unfold between now and the end of the preseason.

I don't know that we can totally write off UDFA Nate Adkins at this position group, either. There will be underrated competition at tight end throughout the preseason, but these players are jockeying for depth chart positioning and roles within the offense behind Greg Dulcich, who appears to be the featured player at this position. group.