Denver Broncos top 4 worst uniform decisions the last 20 years

The Denver Broncos have not "changed" their uniforms since 1997, but there have been some bad modifications and uniform decisions over the last 20 years.

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2. When things get so bad, you try this...

The Denver Broncos have been so bad the last seven years...

How bad have the Denver Broncos been over the last seven years?

The Denver Broncos have been so bad the last seven years that the players and team felt like they needed to wear the most ungodly uniform combination maybe in the entire history of the franchise. Not before the 2022 season had this been done, and hopefully never again unless the Broncos play on Halloween and their goal is to scare the opponent.

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Pro athletes and coaches will do a lot of things to try and find their mojo. In baseball, guys will use a teammate's bat or batting gloves. Michael Jordan wore his North Carolina practice shorts under his Chicago Bulls uniform for every game. Some players need to hear a specific song before a game. Some need to have a certain meal or snack.

Whatever the superstition or ritual, it's only crazy if it doesn't work, right?

That's got to be what the Broncos were thinking last year when they went to London to play the Jaguars. Everybody made fun of Russell Wilson for doing high knees on the airplane, but whoever had anything to do with wearing the blue pants and the orange stripe down the side deserved far more public backlash.

This is easily the worst uniform combination in modern Denver Broncos history because nothing goes together. It wouldn't be terrible if the stripe on the pants was blue with some orange trim, but the giant orange stripe down the side clashes with the stripe on the side of the jersey, making this a mismatch among mismatches.

Hopefully, the Broncos have enough uniform combinations going forward to never have to resort to this kind of thing ever again, or maybe they can get a different pair of pants approved in a "break in case of emergency" situation.