Denver Broncos top 3 games of all-time versus Jets

John Elway's last game at Mile High, a dose of Tebow Time, and an extraordinary upset.

New York Jets v Denver Broncos
New York Jets v Denver Broncos / Doug Pensinger/GettyImages
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The Broncos and Jets have never been known as a rivalry, at least not until this year with the Sean Payton and Nathaniel Hackett hoopla from training camp. Though not a historic rivalry, the two teams have crossed paths in some big moments before, and with this year's added animosity, I think it would be fun to take a look at some of the best games between the two teams in NFL history.

The long-awaited week five Broncos-Jets game is almost here. To get hyped up, here are Denver's top three games of all-time against "Gang Green", starting with the best.

1. 1998 AFC Championship: Broncos 23, Jets 10

A second half comeback, a second straight trip to the Super Bowl, John Elway's final home game and the last playoff game at the original Mile High Stadium. This game is number one by a mile. What more could you want?

In Denver's 23-10 win over the Jets, things did not start well. Prior to kickoff, the defending champion Broncos were too focused on what was happening in the NFC Championship. The Falcons upset a juggernaut Vikings team and- on paper- made Denver's path to back-to-back championships a walk in the park. Overlooking the Jets, the Broncos got out to an uncharacteristically slow start.

Denver's powerhouse of an offense led by league MVP Terrell Davis was stymied in the first half. For the first time all season, the Broncos were scoreless at halftime. A blocked punt in the third quarter led to a touchdown by Jets running back Curtis Martin that put the Broncos in a 10-0 hole. That was when Elway, Davis and the rest of the Denver offense woke up.

Riding Davis to 167 rushing yards on over five yards per carry, the Broncos put up 20 unanswered third quarter points. Davis's 31-yard touchdown run late in the period put Denver up 20-10, and essentially sealed the game with how well the defense played that day.

This game in and of itself was not particularly special to anyone outside of Broncos Country. It did not come down to the wire, nor did it produce any legendary highlights, but in the context of what this game meant for the most successful era in franchise history, it is far and away the Broncos' best game ever against the Jets. Elway's last game at Mile High ended with a win and a second straight trip to the Super Bowl. That's all this game needed to earn the top spot on this list.