Denver Broncos: Three legitimate trade packages for Danielle Hunter

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Minnesota Vikings pass rusher Danielle Hunter could be had in a trade, according to reports. Could the Denver Broncos make a competitive offer? Another Viking, another George Paton connection that may make a ton of sense for the Denver Broncos.

Hunter, 28, is yet another veteran Vikings player who was brought in during the last regime. Current Vikings' GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah has cleaned house a bit this offseason in what is a clear roster turnover. Minnesota appears to be building toward the future but at the same time trying to remain competitive.

The team parted ways with both Adam Thielen and Dalvin Cook this offseason, and Hunter, their 2015 third-round draft pick, could be on the move next, according to some reports. Hunter and the Vikings have been unable at this point to agree to a long-term extension, and teams have called the Vikings about the stud player.

He turns 29 in late October, so age is not quite a concern yet. Danielle Hunter is also very, very good at sacking the quarterback. Let's look at some potential trade packages that the Broncos could offer to try and land Hunter.

Denver Broncos: Three legitimate trade packages for Danielle Hunter


The first trade package is a slew of late-round draft picks, which I don't hate. The "hit" rate on these draft picks are typically very low, so I wouldn't feel bad if Denver gave away draft picks that never usually pan out in the NFL more than a quality backup type of role.

Denver also avoids giving up potentially a second-round pick, which I think is the absolute most he'd go for. They keep their top draft picks in 2024 and beyond, add an elite pass rusher, and don't further drain their draft pick cupboard all that much.

This trade would obviously have to come with a long-term extension as well, and I'm a firm believer in any team being able to, for the most part, sign who they want as I think the cap space in the NFL is very easy to manipulate.