Denver Broncos stud wide receiver's alleged asking price is extremely fair

If the report is true, the Denver Broncos should make this happen.
Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos' best wide receiver, Courtland Sutton, is apparently seeking a modest raise, and if the reported price is accurate, it's something the team needs to do. You know what, my opinion on Sutton has changed a bit. If you think about it, Sutton turns 29 in October and isn't a 1,000-yard wide receiver at this point in his career.

So you could wonder why he'd be holding out; is he even good enough to be doing that? Well, according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, Sutton isn't looking to break the bank by any means:

"“He’s due about $13.6 million in cash this year,” Fowler said. “He’d like to see that get up, maybe in that $15-$16 million range. We’ll see if they can find a sweet spot.”"

Jeremy Fowler

A few million more? Is that really all the more Sutton wants? Honestly, it's a fair demand from Sutton and his agency. In 2023, Courtland Sutton was the best red-zone threat in the NFL and hauled in 10 receiving touchdowns, making a circus catch nearly every week. Even though he wasn't churning up the yards, he was clearly the Denver Broncos WR1.

And until someone else on the roster proves to be a WR1, it'll still remain Sutton. Even with the Denver Broncos getting Tim Patrick back from injury, signing WR Josh Reynolds, and drafting WR Troy Franklin, the team should meet Sutton's demands.

A modest two-year extension worth about $30 million could be a fine deal for both sides. Furthermore, Sutton could do nothing but help rookie QB Bo Nix. He's the most reliable target on offense, and I am sure Nix would prefer Sutton to be in the lineup than not. If Fowler's reporting is true, and Courtland Sutton is seeking a deal worth $15-$16 million, the Denver Broncos must get on that.