Denver Broncos should draft two quarterbacks in 2024 NFL Draft

It's self-explanatory, really.

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The Denver Broncos need to keep taking chances to find their franchise QB until it finally happens, and that should include drafting two QBs during the 2024 NFL Draft. The Denver Broncos not having a second-round pick in 2024 is a bit frustrating, but that should not stop their quest to be aggressive in finding a franchise passer.

The Broncos are set to pick 12th overall in 2024, which might be a perfect spot to land someone like Bo Nix from Oregon. There also seems to be some momentum building regarding Tulane's Michael Pratt, who projects to be a mid-round selection. While most elite QBs in the NFL are drafted in the first round, I guess it is always possible that the team finds an elite QB in the later rounds.

Well, the Broncos need to take a QB in the first round, and I don't think that is up for discussion, frankly. The team needs some young stability at the position. Denver would be silly to again try to acquire a veteran retread, unless he is meant to be a bridge QB.

Going into the 2024 NFL Draft, even if the Broncos were to make a trade up the draft board for a QB, the team should draft two quarterbacks. If they were to stand pat and draft Bo Nix for example, Nix may have less of a chance at developing than if they were to draft someone like Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels.

The then-Washington Redskins did this in 2012 when they drafted Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins. A few years after that draft, Griffin was an afterthought and Cousins was the starter. Denver should embrace the same scenario with the 2024 NFL Draft. And it's not like the team can't acquire more draft capital.

The Broncos can always trade down in the later rounds; they could trade someone like Jerry Jeudy or Justin Simmons. Heck, they could trade Patrick Surtain II. The AFC is loaded with very good QBs, and the two best in the NFL in Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes. The Broncos are going to be wholly irrelevant if they do not hit on a franchise QB.

So, why not take more throws at the dart board? The more darts you have, the more likely it is that you nail a bullseye. The more QBs the Broncos bring into the mix, the more likely it is that they hit on one of them.

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And even if they were to draft, let's say, both Bo Nix and Michael Pratt, it's not like one of them would go to waste. If Nix ends up being a home-run pick, Pratt could end up being a very good backup for the Broncos, so then, in this scenario, Denver would have their QB1 and QB2 solidified. Nothing should be off the table, and drafting two QBs in 2024 makes a lot of sense.