3 teams that should sign Frank Clark after release from Broncos

Now that Frank Clark is the latest Bronco to see the door, where should he land?
Denver Broncos, Frank Clark
Denver Broncos, Frank Clark / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages
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3. Kansas City Chiefs

The last and most obvious destination for Clark is with the Kansas City Chiefs; the team he spent the past four seasons with, winning two Super Bowls and earning three Pro Bowl appearances. There is a lot of speculation about Clark going back to the Chiefs, and there are so many reasons why it makes sense.

First of all, Clark would basically be a plug-and-play signing for the Chiefs. Clark knows the defensive scheme under Steve Spagnuolo, as "Spags" has been there dating back to 2019 when Clark first joined the Chiefs.

The Chiefs are also one of the top defenses in football, owning the league's no. 2 overall scoring unit and being sixth in yards allowed per game. Kansas City has depended on its defense, more so than their offense, through the first six weeks of the season. Clark would help this defense continue their trajectory.

Obviously, Clark would want to win another Super Bowl, and the Chiefs maybe give him the most appealing opportunity to do so. That's a locker room and atmosphere he is used to, and a team he loved playing for. Why wouldn't he go back?