3 teams that should sign Frank Clark after release from Broncos

Now that Frank Clark is the latest Bronco to see the door, where should he land?

Denver Broncos, Frank Clark
Denver Broncos, Frank Clark / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages
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2. Detroit Lions

Why wouldn't the rich want to get even richer? The Detroit Lions lead the NFC North at 5-1 and are tied for the league's best record overall. Aidan Hutchinson looks like one of the best defensive players in all of football and has become a total game-wrecker.

Detroit is in the middle of the pack with 15 sacks on the year (the league leader is Baltimore with 24). Their defense has been strong against the run, coming in at no. 1 in the NFL through six weeks and allowing just 64.7 yards per game. Against the pass is where they've been average, and again, adding a prolific pass rusher would certainly help.

Only two Lions have two or more sacks on the year, with Hutchinson totaling 4.5 and defensive tackle Alim McNeill housing 2.0. Prior to the regular season, edge rusher looked like a position of strength for the Lions. They even had some tough decisions when it came to making roster cuts, because the position was so deep.

Now, though, it appears as though they could use another one. Clark could be that guy.