10 Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton trades Broncos should consider

Denver Broncos, Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton
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Trade Number 3: Bryce Young gets a fellow former Alabama star to throw to

So far as a rookie, quarterback Bryce Young has been locked in on veteran wide receiver Adam Thielen. But, the Panthers are going to want to start building for the future. Thielen was a smart signing as someone Young can trust early in his career while building confidence as a pro. But, the Panthers need far more than that if Young is going to develop correctly.

Trade 3

This deal allows the Panthers to get Jeudy, uniting him with another former Alabama standout in Young. It isn't quite a first-round type of return that Carolina has to give up, which they might end up spending if they were to go the route of the draft to find Young an alpha wideout. Instead, it's a third rounder which allows Carolina to see if Jeudy can actually transform into the top-end talent he was originally drafted to be.

Trade Number 4: Another Panthers deal gives the Broncos a future on the edge

Staying with the same franchise in Carolina, we propose an interesting deal where both teams part with players who they're rumored to trade. The Panthers' Brian Burns is one of the better young pass rushers in the league, but Carolina hasn't gotten a long-term deal done.

Trade 4

Last year, the Panthers botched a possible deal where they'd get multiple first rounders for Burns. This trade might be a bit unrealistic, as the Panthers would probably have to give up more than Jeudy to land a prolific pass rusher. Let's say they gave up Jeudy and a second rounder. Maybe that gives them the deal, in the end.