Denver Broncos' roster: Who is 30 years old and older on the team?

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The Denver Broncos currently have 10 players on their roster who are 30 years old and up. Who are these players and what kind of role will they play in 2023? Having old players isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it usually is not a good thing either.

The shelf life of NFL players seems by far the shortest and lowest among all professional sports. This is especially true for running backs. Positions in the trenches like the offensive and defensive lines, specialists, and quarterbacks tend to have the longest shelf lives in the NFL.

The Denver Broncos do currently have a good chunk of players currently signed who are 30 years old and over. Let's dive a bit into these players and see what kind of role they will play in 2023.

Denver Broncos' roster: Who is 30 years old and older on the team?
Offense: Russell Wilson (34), Chris Manhertz (31), Michael Burton (31), Garett Bolles (31), Cam Fleming (30)

There's a lot to make here. Russell Wilson is the oldest player on offense right now at 34 years old and is likely the QB of the team for the next two years at least. Luckily, many QBs have sustained success well into their 30s, so I am not yet ready to throw the towel in on Wilson.

Chris Manhertz and Michael Burton were external free agent additions who are both going to contribute to the Broncos' run-first identity in 2023. Manhertz is an excellent blocking tight end and teams also don't sign fullbacks to not use them. We should be hearing both of their names called quite a bit in 2023.

Garett Bolles and Cam Fleming are hopefully going to be huge pieces for the Broncos' offensive line this year. Bolles is set to return from his broken leg suffered in 2022, and Cam Fleming was perhaps the best offseason addition by the Broncos. He'll be the primary swing tackle and was very, very solid for the team last year, starting nearly every game.

Overall, the 30 and over players for the Broncos on offense can all be significant contributors in 2023.