Denver Broncos roster: What could team get if they traded some of their top players?

What could the Denver Broncos get in hypothetical trades for some of their top players?

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4. Justin Simmons

I do think Justin Simmons might be the most realistic player to be traded in 2023 if the Denver Broncos are selling. Simmons is one of the best DBs in the entire NFL and has been with the team every year of the post-Manning era. I think 2023 is the last chance Simmons gives the Broncos before requesting a trade.

He's got two more years left on his deal and is turning 30 in 2023. He likely doesn't have a ton of time left in the NFL and surely wants to chase a Super Bowl ring. Justin Simmons does not play a valuable position, but he's very good at it, so his value shouldn't be too low. I think Denver could get a couple of mid-round picks for Simmons.

Two third-round picks doesn't sound that farfetched for Justin Simmons in a trade. Perhaps if that is too rich, a third and a fourth could suffice.

5. Frank Clark

The Denver Broncos signed Frank Clark this offseason to a one-year deal because of Baron Browning's knee procedure. Browning might not be ready for week one, so Clark is ideally going to provide some pass-rush boost while Browning recovers. I do think Denver still needs to add to this unit, but that is a different article.


Frank Clark is a savvy veteran player who has made Pro Bowls and won Super Bowls. He comes alive in the postseason and has the perfect make-up to be traded at the deadline if Denver were to be sellers. I don't think Denver would get anymore more than a fourth-round pick unless Clark is absolutely balling, which is entirely possible.

It would almost feel like Denver got the draft pick for free since they signed Clark as a free agent. I know that's not how it works but signing a free agent to only trade them later does seem like a bit of a cheat code.

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