Denver Broncos roster: What could team get if they traded some of their top players?

What could the Denver Broncos get in hypothetical trades for some of their top players?

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2. Jerry Jeudy

Jerry Jeudy is an interesting case as he was apparently in some trade talks this offseason, but at this point, Denver appears to want to keep him on the roster. They even picked up his fifth-year option, so he's under contract in Denver for the next two years.

I do think he remains in Denver and eventually inks a long-term extension with the team. He's only entering his age-24 season, so he's still very young and did amass 1,000 scrimmage yards in 2022, but just barely missed out on 1,000 receiving yards.

Jerry Jeudy is definitely going to hit that 1,000-yard mark in 2023 if he plays a full season with the Broncos in an efficient offense. However, I do think Jeudy would fetch no less than a second-round pick for a WR-needy team who would be in the playoff mix.

Jeudy's numbers might be down if the Broncos are bad enough to entertain trading him, but everyone saw how strongly he finished the 2022 season, so I don't necessarily think his value would take a huge hit. Jeudy is one of the five best route-runners in the NFL and has an untapped ceiling.

3. Garett Bolles

Garett Bolles is under contract for two more seasons and turned out to be a pretty darn good left tackle in the NFL after beginning his career as one of the worst in all the NFL. His holding penalties were constant, but something changed in 2020. He inked a four-year extension that year and is one of the better left tackles in the NFL.

Offensive line help is always needed in the NFL. Even the best teams in the league could use a boost along their offensive line. Bolles is over 30 and would only have a year and a half left on his current contract if he were to be traded in 2023. I do think Denver could fetch a third-round pick for Garett Bolles in 2023 in a hypothetical trade.

They could turn to Cameron Fleming to lock down the left tackle duties in the meantime and would obviously have to search for their LT of the future after the season. Left tackle is one of the most valuable positions in professional sports, so that position would take a huge priority, likely #2 behind the QB.