Denver Broncos roster: Who are the 4 worst projected starters?

Which players are the worst projected starters on the Denver Broncos defense?

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Denver Broncos' roster: Who are the worst projected starters?

3. Elliott Fry, K

Right now, the lone kicker on the roster is Elliott Fry, which isn't too thrilling right now. Fry has kicked a total of 13 field goals in the NFL between field goal attempts and extra point attempts. He's played for the Falcons, Bengals, and Chiefs across two seasons in 2020 and 2021. He did not make a FG attempt in 2022.

Fry doesn't appear to be anything resembling an NFL-caliber kicker. He is 10/13 on his career attempts and has a career-long of 44 yards. If someone was tasked with making a power ranking of kickers in the NFL, Fry would likely come at the very bottom. I do believe that Denver will sign another kicker closer to the beginning of the 2023 season, and my vote is for Robbie Gould.

4. Baron Browning, EDGE

While Baron Browning appears to have a ton of potential, he has hardly proven anything in the NFL and would rank as one of the bottom pass rushers in the NFL as of now. I do like what Browning brings to the table as an athlete. He has scary good bend and is ultra-quick, kind of like Von Miller.

He's athletic as all heck, which is honestly half the battle. However, there's just not a big sample size here to make me say that Browning is anything more than a sub-par starter at the moment. He did put up some quality numbers in 2022 for someone who has barely played as an EDGE rusher in the NFL.

In 14 games played, he finished with one interception, five sacks, 24 total tackles, eight tackles for loss, and 12 QB hits. You'd have to assume based on common sense that another year and offseason playing as a pass rusher in the NFL instead of an inside linebacker would yield better statistical returns, and I'd be willing to take that bet.


But again, he's proven virtually nothing, and I do think there are some pass-rushing options out there who would currently present an appreciable upgrade over Browning. There's also him having a small knee procedure that may cause him to miss some regular-season games as well. Hopefully we'll see Baron Browning takeoff in year three.

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