Denver Broncos roster: Who are the 4 worst projected starters?

Which players are the worst projected starters on the Denver Broncos defense?

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The Denver Broncos' projected starting lineup does have quite a few talented players, but unfortunately, it also has a few projected starters that are simply not good at football. We'll see how the rest of this offseason goes in terms of some of the team's projected starters getting replaced in free agency or by another player on the team.

I do think the team's starting lineup is quite favorable across the NFL. They don't have a lot of noticeable holes, and with some potentially elite coaching, this team could be quite dangerous if things fall into place. I am of the opinion that the Broncos should continue to look at the free agent market to see who is out there that would present an appreciable upgrade over who they have now.

There are a few positions that stick out to me as still needing some reinforcements with the depth or even the projected starter. Let's take a look at who I believe to be the worst starters on the Denver Broncos roster.

Denver Broncos' roster: Who are the worst projected starters?

1. Lloyd Cushenberry, C

This one is no surprise and is probably the first player you all had in mind when reading this article. Lloyd Cushenberry was a third-round pick back in the 2020 NFL Draft and has played like a backup during his career. He simply has not been good at all and I am surprised the team did not do more to try and replace him this offseason.

They did sign backup iOL Kyle Fuller in free agency and did draft an interesting center prospect in Alex Forsyth, but right now, no one looks to be threatening to take Cushenberry's spot in the starting lineup. PFF recently ranked Cushenberry as the 26th center in the NFL heading into the season, and if you take out the projected starting rookie centers, he was ranked as the fourth-worst starter.

Hopefully playing next to two elite guards ends up working in his favor. I do think that unless he truly breaks out in year four, perhaps like Garett Bolles did back in 2020, we'll see Cushenberry replaced at some point within the next calendar year. The Broncos may opt for a low-cost option too since they have some expensive OL contracts on their books.