Denver Broncos recent NFL Draft history is insanely depressing

The Denver Broncos recent history in the NFL Draft is, well, not great.
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2022 NFL Draft: Nik Bonitto, Greg Dulcich

Nik Bonitto definitely took a step forward in 2023, which is great news. Perhaps this means he can hit his stride during his third season. I do believe that Bonitto would have enjoyed more success in 2023 had the Broncos had a competent defensive line. He's got the speed and bend to be a top-end pass rusher in the NFL.

Greg Dulcich has played just 12 games in two seasons, as his hamstrings just have not cooperated. We'll see if year three can be more kind for Dulcich, but the Broncos should operate as if they do not have a viable TE1 on the roster, so I do believe it could be a pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

2023 NFL Draft: Marvin Mims Jr, Drew Sanders

Marvin Mims was an All-Pro returner during his rookie season and just oozes the big-play ability. He did not have a huge impact in the receiving game, but the opportunity is there for him to take over a heavy role on offense in 2024. He has WR1 potential and ideally, he becomes solidified at that position and doesn't have to return many more punts or kicks going forward.

The Drew Sanders pick already seems to be a bust. Is he going to play ILB or OLB? What's the deal here? Besides being a great athlete, there isn't really much else to love about Sanders' game, and I would be shocked if he was able to start for the team in 2024, already making this 2023 draft pick a bit of a loss.


Overall, of the Broncos last 12 draft picks in the first two selections, five of them are not with the team anymore. Some have been total busts, and some have been just OK. The recent draft history certainly is not kind to the Denver Broncos.

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