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G Ben Powers bringing 'workhorse' mentality

During his press conference Thursday, Sean Payton lauded new free agent addition, OG Ben Powers, and said he's had a "good spring". Powers, who signed his four-year, $52M deal earlier this off-season, met with the media for the first time since signing his massive contract with the organization and had nothing but encouraging things to say.

Powers mentioned how his decision to sign with Denver was an easy one simply due to the fact that it is "uncommon" in the NFL to have a head coach that values guards the way that Sean Payton does. Coach Payton mentioned that he admires the strength and skillset of Powers and choosing to sign him was also an easy decision because of the winning culture he helped establish in his time with the Baltimore Ravens. Also said Powers has "all the things you're looking for in a guard", referring to his complete package of skilled pass protection and strong run blocking.

Powers was seen during his first press conference as a Denver Bronco repping a t-shirt that read: "Uncommon". Powers elaborates that winning in the NFL is uncommon and the team acknowledges that as a group and will strive to fit in that 'uncommon' mantra to win themselves a championship. If you're a fan of underdog, workhorse, smashmouth football, Powers is definitely a player your rooting for on this team. He's bringing a championship-level mindset to the Broncos that has been very much needed for years now, especially on the offensive side of the ball.