3 Broncos players who don't deserve to be at the Thanksgiving table

These three Denver Broncos players have been along for the ride, but not necessarily in a good way.

Sep 17, 2023; Denver, Colorado, USA; Washington Commanders running back Antonio Gibson (24) runs the
Sep 17, 2023; Denver, Colorado, USA; Washington Commanders running back Antonio Gibson (24) runs the / Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
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Thanksgiving is here and it's a time to be thankful for all of the wonderful things that we have and are afforded in our lives. For Broncos Country, all fans have to be incredibly thankful that the team has somehow turned this season around, almost inexplicably.

But it hasn't all been good. There have certainly been some bumps in the road and if I were to have written this article a month ago, there would be a massive list of players who should not be a part of the Broncos Thanksgiving table.

With the Broncos now sitting at 5-5, most of the seats are full. But there are still a few guys who might just have to eat at the kids' table.

And relax Broncos Country, I'm actually going to give Jerry Jeudy a pass here.

Riley Dixon, Denver Broncos
Aug 26, 2023; Denver, Colorado, USA; Denver Broncos punter Riley Dixon (19) warms up before the game / Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Riley Dixon, Punter

After dealing with a poor punting job from Corliss Waitman last season, the Broncos brought Riley Dixon back for his second stint with the team. They might be looking for another option after this season.

Both Dixon's punting average (45.5 yards) and his net average (40.7 yards) rank towards the bottom of the league. But it's really been his situational awareness and inability to flip the field on a regular basis that have been the major reasons why he's on this list.

There have been times when Dixon, instead of finding a way to pin the opponent deep within the five or 10-yard line, has booted it all the way out of the end zone. In the game against the Buffalo Bills, where the team turned making extra points into a chore, Dixon mishandled the snap on one of them.

Finding an effective punter that can drop a punt out of bounds deep in opponent's territory or regularly get good hang time on kicks, the keys to flipping the field, is an often overlooked weapon.

Dixon is not one of those.