3 players the Broncos could trade to spring youth movement

If the Broncos are for real about focusing on younger players, it's time to start planning ahead

Denver Broncos, Courtland Sutton
Denver Broncos, Courtland Sutton / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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2. Courtland Sutton WR

The Broncos have an interesting situation on their hands at wide receiver. Brandon Johnson has played meaningful snaps and played well, along with starters Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton. But, the Broncos also have an electrifying rookie in Marvin Mims, whom fans would love to see more from. The fact that Denver is hardly playing him, though, makes no sense.

When Mims is on the field, good things happen. The kid is a big play waiting to happen. Just getting the ball in his hands is enough; let him do the rest.

In order to focus on younger players, like Mims, the Broncos should try and trade 28-year-old wide receiver Courtland Sutton. The former SMU standout is locked down through the 2025 season and still presents courting teams with a strong outside presence at the position. The big-bodied wideout is a "go up and get it" type which a team like the Kansas City Chiefs would love to have.

Oh lord, not the Chiefs. Anyone but the Chiefs.

In any event, trading Sutton makes sense if Jeudy is more of the future at 24 years old. Johnson is 25. Mims is in his first season. That only seems logical that Sutton is the one who gets dealt.