Denver Broncos need to follow the LA Rams blueprint of rebuilding

The Denver Broncos should take a page from the LA Rams' book of rebuilding

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Sean McVay either traded or released over 30% of his roster from last season and Sean Payton needs to do the same

Sean McVay knew that he had to rebuild and retool this roster in order to compete in the future. While not tearing it all down, he traded or released over 16 players. Denver can do the same.

The Rams traded away one of their best defensive players last year, Jalen Ramsey, and got fair compensation for the team going forward. The Broncos can do the same with a player like Justin Simmons, and trade him to a contender for capital.

It'll hurt seeing one of the more beloved players in Denver get traded, but it has to be done for the situation that Payton is in right now.

The Rams also released players like Bobby Wagner and Leonard Floyd, freeing up money in the future for the team. Denver can do the same with a few players that are cap casualties on their roster.

The difference between what Los Angeles did and what the Broncos can do better at is signing good free agents. The Rams were not big in the free agent market in the offseason, and this is an area that Denver can execute.

Despite not spending money on free agents, the Rams did a terrific job in acquiring draft capital and nailing their picks. They drafted 14 players that fit well with what McVay wants to do. They didn't even have a first-round pick, and the Broncos have one for this upcoming draft.

Denver needs to cast a wide net in the draft and have over ten draft selections to fill this roster with young talent. The Rams did this and these young players are helping Stafford and their foundational pieces compete in the NFC.

Rebuild through the draft and retool through free agency

The Rams executed this perfectly in one offseason and already competing with some of the best teams in the league. They didn't have to "tank" or anything like that.

The Denver Broncos need to execute this blueprint by McVay and the Rams by completing:

• Getting rid of 30% or more of the current roster

• Trading players like Courtland Sutton, Justin Simmons, Frank Clark, Josey Jewell, and more to recoup draft capital

• Releasing players that are cap casualties

• Having over ten or more draft picks for the 2024 NFL Draft

• Having a moderate to aggressive approach on free agency

• Surround Sean Payton with a young talent/nucleus

The Rams knew they couldn't rebuild because McVay was already pondering on doing television and many other factors. Payton is here to win now, not in 3-4 years. Executing this blueprint will help the Broncos compete quickly while rebuilding and retooling the roster.

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