Denver Broncos need to follow the LA Rams blueprint of rebuilding

The Denver Broncos should take a page from the LA Rams' book of rebuilding

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Russell Wilson is in the same situation with Denver as Matthew Stafford was in with the LA Rams

There was a lot of chatter this past offseason if the Rams were going to trade Matthew Stafford and unload his huge contract from their books.

While they found no suitors for their QB, the Rams' took advantage and laid the foundation down for a new, young roster that could surround Stafford.

Russell Wilson has a massive contract, similar to Stafford and the situation they dealt with a few months ago. It may not be a popular decision, just like it wasn't for the Rams to keep Stafford, it's in the best interest for the Broncos to keep Wilson.

Let's be honest, Denver is not selecting Caleb Williams in the upcoming draft. It's going to be nearly impossible to get close to selecting him and fans need to come to that realization.

While there are other great young prospects in the draft, Payton may want to stick with Russ due to the success they have had so far.

In comparison to the Rams, McVay didn't want to go into a full rebuild. He kept his quarterback and decided to overhaul other spots on the roster with young players. It is unlikely that Payton wants to go to a rebuild as well, so keeping Wilson and moving forward is step one of many other steps to execute the blueprint.

The Los Angeles Rams kept their building blocks and retooled other holes on their roster

The Denver Broncos need to keep their foundational pieces and not trade away everyone. They can recoup capital for the majority of the players on the roster, but not every single player, like how social media suggests.

For starters, the Broncos need to keep their WR1 like how the Rams did. Now, I am not saying that Jerry Jeudy is Cooper Kupp, but having a young receiver helps the team going forward. It is apparent that Denver has not done anything to help him become successful at all, but with Payton, that can and will change.

We've seen the numbers he can put up when he gets treated like a WR1 on the team. If Payton can make Jeudy a focal point in the offense, like how McVay does with Kupp (and even Puka Nacua), Denver has their leading receiver going forward.

Talking about Puka Nacua, the Broncos drafted Marvin Mims Jr. this year, who can thrive in that similar role. Another building block in the wide receiver room that should remain on the roster in the future. For the rest of the players in that room, their time is up.

The Rams didn't bring back Odell Beckham Jr and Allen Robinson and decided to retool that unit. Denver needs to do the same with players like Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick. The Broncos can get decent compensation for Sutton, which would be key for rebuilding this roster through the draft.