Denver Broncos most unbreakable individual records

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Steve Foley, Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos most unbreakable individual records: Steve Foley

Career interceptions

This one may not be as unbreakable as the others on this list, but it will still take quite the effort as this record has stood since Steve Foley retired following the 1986 season with 44 interceptions.

That was one better than the great Austin "Goose" Gonsulin. Since then, the closest that any player has gotten is 34 interceptions, done by both Tyrone Braxton and Champ Bailey.

But Justin Simmons currently has 27 career picks and sits at No. 8 on the team's all-time list. Could he come up with another 18 of them before his time in Denver comes to a close?

Simmons will be entering his eighth season with the team and he has 16 interceptions in the last three seasons, including six last year, which tied for the league lead. If he could put together another three or four seasons like that, he could catch Foley.

That will be easier said than done, but its within the realm of possibilities.