Denver Broncos mock draft: Sean Payton goes all in on offense

Sean Payton goes all in on offense in this Denver Broncos mock draft

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8. 169th overall (from Eagles): Ben Sinnott, TE/FB, Kansas State

We have seen how important versatility is to Sean Payton throughout his career as a head coach, and a player like Ben Sinnott would likely be of significant interest to him.

Sinnott is tough as nails, and he's an underrated playmaker as a receiver. Although he's not prototypical tight end size, he's someone who could lead block for you as a fullback, play tight end, and offer special teams ability right away.

We'll see what happens with the Broncos this offseason regarding players like fullback Michael Burton, tight end Adam Trautman (both free agents) and Chris Manhertz (possible cut candidate), but Sinnott would be a nice late-round addition.

9. 236th overall: Jha'Quan Jackson, WR, Tulane

Another smaller receiver with big-play ability, Jha'Quan Jackson rounds out this NFL Draft class for the Broncos, who go for a total reset at the position in 2024. We could see both Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick gone this offseason. We could see the Broncos move on from a number of other guys.


Jackson is someone who could come in and give the Broncos another viable option in the return game so they can expand Marvin Mims's role offensively as well.

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