Denver Broncos mock draft: Sean Payton finding Combine studs

Sayre Bedinger
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2 (pick 69 overall): Marvin Mims, WR, Oklahoma

What is this absolute moron doing out here? This is a Denver Broncos mock draft without an offensive lineman in the first two picks!

Well, don't be too surprised if this actually ends up happening. Remember that little thing that happens about six weeks before the NFL Draft called NFL Free Agency. If you think the Broncos are going to go into the NFL Draft without a first or second-round pick and a need for a starting offensive lineman, I personally think you're mistaken.

They need to make sure they get the best possible value with these top two picks, which could include an offensive lineman. It could include trading down. It could also include staying put and drafting a potential impact receiver in Oklahoma's Marvin Mims. The wide receiver position has been very spotty for the Broncos the past couple of years. Not ruling out the development of guys like KJ Hamler or Montrell Washington just yet, but certainly questioning the availability of a guy like Hamler and love the fit of Mims as a vertical threat in Sean Payton's offense.

3 (pick 108 overall): Blake Freeland, OT, BYU

George Paton joked at the Scouting Combine in an interview with 850 KOA in Denver that if someone could help him find a right tackle in the fourth round, that would be great. It was tongue in cheek from Paton, but certainly an interesting comment.

When I ran a mock draft simulation, Blake Freeland was one of the best players available at pick no. 108 overall. I like his ability to play either of the tackle positions at the next level and also really like his background athletically. Obviously he's a former basketball player, but he's also a former quarterback. He's got great length and movement skills and I feel like you could have this guy ready to start by year two if need be, maybe even year one.