Denver Broncos mock draft: Rashee Rice the future at WR?

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3b. Luke Schoonmaker, TE, Michigan

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It would seem the Denver Broncos are significantly interested in adding a tight end out of this draft class. Are they bringing all these players into Denver as a way to throw other teams off the scent of the guy they really want at this position? Or are they trying to meet these guys to differentiate players and decide which one to take?

I tend to think the latter is more likely the case, but you never know.

One of the players the Broncos have shown a measure of interest in throughout this process is Michigan tight end Luke Schoonmaker. You watch this guy play, you're going to see someone willing to stick his nose in there and block, and he does it well. That's exactly what the Denver Broncos need to properly complement a guy like Greg Dulcich, who is going to spend plenty of time split out rather than playing a traditional in-line position.

What have we gleaned from NFL Free Agency for the Denver Broncos? Well, we can be pretty certain that this team wants to run the ball a lot. Aside from that, we know they want to be more physical. I think selecting a player like Schoonmaker certainly helps accomplish that.

You add a guy like this in the third round, and I think you're upgrading your offense in a couple of different ways. Luke Schoonmaker is maybe not going to sell a ton of jerseys but he's going to make you better at a key position in Sean Payton's offense.