Denver Broncos mock draft: Rashee Rice the future at WR?

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The 2023 NFL Draft is rapidly approaching, and even though the Denver Broncos have no picks in the first two rounds, the intrigue around what this team might end up doing is certainly ramping up. The Broncos' top two picks in the 2023 NFL Draft are at no. 67 and 68 overall, where there might still be some really solid players to be had.

But who might the Broncos be targeting? Who will be the first couple of picks in the Sean Payton era? Although you can find any number of mock drafts out there (or create your own), there is enough information out there about players and positions the Denver Broncos are looking at to make some fascinating mock draft scenarios with any number of different positions included.

Are the Broncos entering this draft with any real pressing "needs"? If they are, it's unwise. Having "needs" when you don't have a first- or second-round pick is dangerous. Instead, I think the Broncos are set up well to try and cash in on players falling at premium position groups (QB, OT, WR, CB, EDGE) depending on what guys are sitting there. Let's take a look at a scenario featuring a player the Broncos have shown a lot of interest in over the last month.

Denver Broncos mock draft: Rashee Rice tops the class

3a. Rashee Rice, WR, SMU

3a. player. . WR. . Rashee Rice. 453.

With pick no. 67 overall, I went with wide receiver Rashee Rice, a playmaker out of SMU. It just so happens the Broncos have had some success in recent years with former Mustangs, including Emmanuel Sanders and Courtland Sutton. Could Rice be the latest to take the Pony Express up to the Mile High City?

You can see some of what Rashee Rice brings to the table in those highlights there. He's certainly one of the most physically gifted athletes at receiver in this year's class with a solid 4.51 in the 40-yard dash, and a ridiculous 41-inch vertical jump. There are some concerns over his current route running abilities, but certainly that's part of why you brought in a guy like Keary Colbert (WRs coach) to coach these types of talented players up.

The Broncos had a formal meeting with Rice at the Scouting Combine. They had him in Denver last week for a visit to the team facility. I am sure the Broncos are gathering additional information about Rice, but for the time being, it does seem like they are genuinely interested in adding him and given the team's interest earlier this offseason in Allen Lazard and Adam Thielen, doesn't this make some sense?