Denver Broncos Mock Draft: No quarterback in the first round?

Could we see the Denver Broncos not take a first-round QB in 2024?

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I guess there is always the possibility that the Denver Broncos do not draft a quarterback in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. If that happens, what would their draft look like? With six months until the 2024 NFL Draft, a ton can change, including the Broncos' draft position. They are currently in the third overall spot but do have some winnable games left on their schedule.

What happens if Denver is able to scrape together six or seven wins? They'll surely be out of range for the projected top two QBs in Caleb Williams and Drake Maye. There may also be some wheeling and dealing by Sean Payton. There's just a ton of variables at play here. I think the best route is for Denver to draft a first-round QB, but you just never know.

If the team were to pass that up, what would their draft look like in 2024?

Denver Broncos Mock Draft: No quarterback in the first round?

broncosdraft. . 3rd. . . . LT Olu Fashanu. . . 491

With the 3rd overall pick, the Denver Broncos selected the best OT in the nation in Olu Fashanu. Fashanu is 6'6" and is a totally complete prospect. Sean Payton has made heavy investments in the offensive line over the years while he was in New Orleans, so selecting Fashanu would not be a crazy thing at all.