Denver Broncos mock draft making all off-the-wall picks

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Pick 139: Clayton Tune, QB, Houston

Although their capital is limited, I do think you should pencil in the Denver Broncos drafting a quarterback at some point here in 2023. It might be more likely if/when they trade down to accumulate more picks, but I would start familiarizing yourself with the QBs in this class.

It wasn't overly common early in Sean Payton's time with the Saints that they made a relatively common practice of taking dart throws at the QB position, but from 2015 on, they did take some shots, starting with Garrett Grayson in 2015 (third round) and then Tommy Stevens in 2020 (seventh round) and Ian Book in 2021 (fourth round).

Again, it's not like Payton made it common practice to draft a QB every single year that he was with the Saints, but there was more of a willingness to take shots there later in his tenure. I think we could see a similar approach this year as there are some intriguing late-round QBs for the Broncos to consider, including Houston's Clayton Tune. Tune is one of the elite athletes at the QB position in this year's class, one of only two players with a RAS score of 9.8 or higher (Anthony Richardson being the other).

Everybody's looking for that "next" Taysom Hill right now and I get it. It seems like the Taysom Hill element was not only a great wrinkle in Sean Payton's offense, but it was also a "break in case of emergency" offense when things really went haywire at the QB position in terms of injuries.

The Saints won quite a few games with Hill operating things and I can't help but wonder if that's just going to be a mainstay for Sean Payton now that he's with the Denver Broncos.

Clayton Tune had 70 touchdown passes over the last two seasons at Houston. He started to run the ball a lot more in the last couple of seasons as well and obviously has a top-flight physical and athletic profile.